Juvéderm Voluma

Juvéderm Voluma XC  is an injectable gel that is indicated for mid face volume loss. It is a dermal filler that is a viscous  gel that is cross-linked more than any of the other Juvéderm fillers. What does that mean? It means that this filler takes longer to break...
Juvéderm ‘Collection of Fillers’

Juvéderm ‘Collection of Fillers’

Juvéderm ‘Collection of Fillers’ are part of the Allergan pharmaceutical company. They are an elite brand of fillers meant for cosmetic injectable purposes. Juvéderm filler is a hydrophilic hyaluronic molecule that lifts and hydrates the skin, smooths fine lines and wrinkles, and also adds volume to areas where deep folds exist.
Juvéderm filler has many subtypes to which include : ultra, ultra plus, Voluma, Volbella, Vollure , etc. Each particular filler will have its own blog in the near future and go into detail in regard to its use. All Juvéderm fillers are cross-linked differently to which allows for certain products to be thicker and last longer than others. Also, it is important for you to choose and trust your cosmetic injector wisely as it is imperative that your injector understands how to use and layer each product differently. All Juvéderm Products can be used for different parts of the face and it is necessary for your injector to be knowledgeable about the composition of each individual filler, how much product to use, etc.
It is very important that you find an experienced injector prior to considering dermal filler’s as each individual filler has its own unique property and is meant for different areas of the face. Only an experienced injector will know how to layer each product, and combine certain products to different parts of the face to create the most perfect, natural, and youthful look!
It is my job as a nurse practitioner injector to understand dermal fillers in their entirety as well as the subtypes of each Juvéderm filler as mentioned above in order to provide my patients with the best results possible !
Here at LMG cosmetics, we strive for perfection! I always tell my patients, “it’s your face, therefore, we have to make it perfect!”

Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

Anti-wrinkle treatments used at LMG cosmetics consist of neuromodulators like Botox cosmetic. Botox is a product supplied by Allergan pharmaceutical company. Botox is a neuromodulator that blocks the release of acetylcholine at the neuromuscular junction, which in turn, temporarily paralyzes facial muscles leaving you with smooth, wrinkle free skin. Relaxing the facial muscles allows you to have a smooth, refreshed and natural aesthetic look!
Patients at LMG cosmetics leave the office looking just like themselves, only a more refreshed version. Patient will NEVER look unnatural at LMG cosmetics!
Botox is recommended on label for glabellar frown lines or the lines between the eyebrows, forehead lines or horizontal lines in the frontalis muscle, and lateral canthal lines or crows feet area.
Off label use of Botox can be used in the mentalis muscle, or chin region to smooth out a pebble looking chin. It can be used in the platysmal bands or the neck lines for tightening one’s neck muscle. Botox can be used in the obicularis Oris muscle or the lines above the top lip to smooth out vertical lip lines.
We can also use Botox to help with a gummy smile, or if you have any asymmetries in your face, eyebrows, etc. , we could also use Botox when clinically indicated to fix asymmetries.
Botox is a medication that is extremely safe, and very well studied. I am a firm believer in cosmetic injectables procedures as I have seen these procedures change lives for the better in reference to how it makes one feel after they have completed their cosmetic injectables procedure. Patients will leave our office feeling rejuvenated, happier, and have a better outlook on life! Botox was noted to have an effect on depression as well. When patients look good, they feel good! It is my goal to provide patient satisfaction with every single client I come across! I am fascinated by beauty, skincare, and all things aesthetics!
Botox has improved many of my patients overall appearance and has most definitely provided them with the confidence they were looking for!!