KyBella  is a medication called deoxycholic acid. Deoxycholic acid is actually a natural product that is found in our gallbladder and it digests fat. Research studies suggest that when you inject deoxycholic acid into the submental fullness, or double chin region, it actually destroys those fat cells, and never returns. Leaving you with a sculpted, beautiful natural looking result, and of course, rid of your unwanted double chin.

Winter is here! It is the perfect time to treat yourself to this product, KyBella,  that will finally get rid of your double chin fat. Swelling can be present post injection for 5 to 7 days. Therefore, since it is turtleneck season-  it is the perfect time to indulge in this treatment. New year, new you! ⭐️

We see a lot of patients in consultation  seeking treatment for their unwanted double chin. KyBella is the perfect way to finally get rid of your double chin for life! Patients typically require 2 to 4 vials, 2 to 4 sessions.

We do offer promotions when booking your KyBella treatment depending upon how many treatments that Amanda feels you will need. We work with our patients because we want them to have the best result possible, for the most reasonable price!

Call us today for a free consultation to see if KyBella is right for you!